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Blackberry No. 1 and Blackberry No. 2: Just like the Pimms range, No. 1 is Gin based, No. 2 is Scotch Whisky based. The wild berries are picked locally around St. Agnes, Mithian and Chacewater. Juicy berries and plentiful in the hedgerows. The No. 1 is my personal favourite and good topped with Prosecco or on its own with a cheese board.

New for 2018 is Blackberry Brandy which is still maturing.

Blackcurrant: The berries are sourced from Mithian – yes I grow them myself. A beautiful colour, and a striking taste on the tongue. The berries literally jump out and tickle the taste buds. In 2015 & 2017 this liqueur won a gold star for Great Taste from the Guild of Fine Food [the 'Oscars' of the food industry]. This is not a ‘cassis’ [which requires 45% sugar], but it does the same job with a lot less sugar. It makes wonderful Kir Royales. Vodka base.

Coffee: Cold brewed, the finest Arabica beans are ground literally just before a batch is started. This captures the freshness and flavour that coffee lovers seek. Super on its own, dropped into a hot coffee, drizzled over ice-cream or add to iced milk as a refreshing long summer cocktail. It makes a great Espresso Martini! Jamaican white rum base. 2016 One Star Great Taste Award.

Elderflower: In season, fresh flowers are picked from family fields in Blackwater. Elderflower is incredibly popular and very versatile in use. Superb when topped up with Champagne, Prosecco or simply add sparkling water or tonic. Vodka base.

Kea Plum: A renowned and unique Cornish fruit, grown in Cowlands on the Fal Estury. Similar to a damson, they are not particularly good to eat fresh, but when made into jam - fabulous. Hopefully you will agree that the liqueur is also an inspirational transformation and works well with a cheese board. Top with bubbles for a Kir variation. Gin base. 2016 One Star Great Taste Award.

New and still maturing is Kea Plum Brandy.

Lemoncello: Made in Cornwall with the freshest of lemons [from Spain]. Perhaps best drunk on its own, as cold as you can get it. Incredibly versatile in cocktails, this liqueur doesn’t need any further introduction. Vodka base.

Marmalade: Made with my homemade Seville orange marmalade. Seville oranges have the unique bitter edge which is really well suited to a liqueur. Fabulous in cocktails but I like it just with ice and tonic. Gin base. 2017 Two Star Great Taste Award.

Raspberry: New in 2017 and made with home grown raspberries when the crop is good. A wonderful colour and nose. Another one for cocktails or topping with Prosecco. Vodka base.

Rhubarb: grown by my own fair hand, rhubarb is something you either love or hate – no in-betweens. The palest pink in colour, this jewel has a subtle and very delicate flavour with the most enchanting nose – if you like Rhubarb. No custard for this one but try a shot over a rhubarb fool – wow! A summer spectacular over ice. Vodka base.

Sloe Gin: So traditional and usually opened at Christmas, ‘it does what it says on the tin’ – Wild sloes hand-picked by myself from Mithian, St. Day, Blackwater and Chacewater. Time, gin and a little sugar gives way to the development of this very distinctive tipple. Personally I prefer it at room temperature, on its own, but fellow aficionados tell me it’s another one which teams up with sparkling white wine or Bitter Lemon incredibly well.

Spiced Orange: Sweet oranges with the addition of my secret blend of spices makes this liqueur a superb base for cocktails as well as enjoyable on its own. Gin base.

Spiced Rum: This is a real star and very popular. Jamaican white rum with another secret blend of spices. Warming, smooth and most delicious. A shot in a cup of coffee will leave you wanting more. Good topped with Ginger Beer and ideal for Daquari cocktails.

Strawberry: Using Cornish Strawberries, this summer favourite is wonderful drizzled over ice-cream, but my preference is to top up with Prosecco – ooh la la! Vodka based.

Updating March 2018: New for 2018 is a range of Brandy-based liqueurs using real fruit from Cornwall. When they are ready we will announce on Facebook.

Some flavours are standard as the fruit is available all year around. Other flavours are strictly seasonal and when the batches run out we all have to [im]patiently wait for another growing season.

Unlike other liqueurs/spirits, which are often made with artificial flavours or just fruit juice, our liqueurs are made with no artificial flavours, sweeteners, preservatives, additives or colourings. Only real fruit is used. Due to seasonality, and differences in the amount of sunshine and rain, the flavours may vary slightly from batch to batch. Only a light filtration is used to ensure that the complexity of the flavours remain in the bottle, therefore some settlement is perfectly normal if the liqueur is stored over time.

Shelf life and how to keep

I do not use any artificial preservatives but the liqueurs will be fine for at least a year unopened. It is recommended you keep them upright in a dark cupboard [natural products do not like to be exposed to continual light]. Once opened it is recommended to use within 30 days. Over time the colour and flavour can fade a little. Never put a bottle in the freezer – it is dangerous to put a corked bottle in the freezer – the cork can shrink, the alcohol can evaporate and the bottle may crack.