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About Us

A failed batch of homemade marmalade and a bottle of gin was the inspiration behind the launch of the company in August 2014.

All the liqueurs are handmade in small batches using only the best ingredients, sourced locally where possible, to produce an intense but smooth flavour. The products used vary by season and take time to mature, so not all will be available all year round. The liqueurs are not as viscous nor as sweet as commercial liqueurs. Fruit, spices and botanicals are allowed to quietly infuse [macerate is the technical term, but ‘infuse’ sounds so much nicer!] in spirit until the flavours have been captured. To the infusion, a sugar syrup is added – this is what makes it a ‘liqueur’. They are then lightly filtered before allowing them to quietly mature. This is when the richness, complexity and depth of flavour develops.